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Effortlessly Chop and Slice with Our 4-in-1 Vegetable Chopper and Fruit Slicer Set - Includes Manual Food Grater and Container for Only N38,500!"

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4 in 1 Multi-functional Vegetable Cutter & Slicer

N38,500  N57,500


Premium Kitchenware - Elevate Your Culinary Experience

Discover our extensive collection of kitchenware designed to enhance your culinary adventures. Our range includes essential items such as tableware, cooking utensils, knives, wine tools, pots, and more, ensuring your kitchen is fully equipped for every occasion.

Key Features of Our Kitchenware Collection

  1. Versatile Storage Solutions: Keep your kitchen organized with our innovative storage appliances, ensuring every item has its place.
  2. Efficient Washing Appliances: Maintain cleanliness with our state-of-the-art washing appliances, designed for efficiency and ease of use.
  3. Advanced Conditioning Equipment: Perfect your food preparation with our conditioning tools, including mixers and food processors.
  4. High-Quality Cooking Utensils: Cook like a pro with our range of durable and reliable cooking utensils, suitable for all types of cuisine.
  5. Elegant Eating Utensils: Dine in style with our beautifully crafted eating utensils, designed to enhance your dining experience.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Kitchenware?

Stainless steel is increasingly becoming the go-to material for kitchen equipment due to its numerous advantages over traditional aluminum, iron, and enamel products:

  1. Non-Oxidizing and Corrosion-Resistant: Unlike aluminum and iron, stainless steel does not oxidize or corrode, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  2. High Strength and Impact Resistance: Stainless steel's robust nature makes it less prone to damage from everyday use, maintaining its integrity and appearance over time.
  3. Hygienic and Easy to Clean: With fewer attachments and a strong finish, stainless steel products are easy to clean and maintain, promoting a healthier kitchen environment.
  4. Health Considerations: Stainless steel is a safer option for cookware, avoiding the potential health risks associated with aluminum cookware.

Making the Smart Choice for Your Kitchen

When selecting kitchenware, consider investing in stainless steel products for their long-term benefits and superior performance. Whether you're equipping a new kitchen or upgrading your existing tools, our selection provides the quality and reliability you need for an exceptional culinary experience.

Elevate your kitchen today with our premium kitchenware collection – where functionality meets style.


  1. Faucet Water Filter Element Remove Chlorine Heavy Metals Filtered Showers Head Bath Filtration Purifier Soften Hard Water
  2. 1.  Material: PP
    2.  Color: blue+white
    3.  Product size: 3.5*3cm


The blade is sharp, please pay attention to safety when using.


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