10″ Ring Light with Stand 72” Tall & Phone Holder,38 Color Modes

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35 RGB + 3 Normal Color Modes: Selfie ring light has 3 conventional lighting(warm light/natural light/cool light)35 RGB colors modes(6 monochrome static + 29 dynamic modes)you can freely switch between 38 color modes. LED ring light is manufactured by ultrasonic welding,sturdy and durable.Lampshade with curved design, soft lighting, bright and transparent,without black spots and shadows.

Exclusive Stepless Speed Regulation & Dimming : Light ring uses a scroll wheel control design, rolling the lower scroll wheel can steplessly adjust the speed of light in RGB dynamic mode or steplessly adjust cool light/natural light/warm light in conventional lighting mode.

In two modes rolling the up scroll wheel to adjust the brightness steplessly (1%~100%),if you are not sure, please refer to the picture or user manual.

Patented High Quality Tripod: The ring light tripod has obtained related patents,max height of tripod is 62”,and the overall height can reach 72”. Tripod with ring light compared with other tripods,made of superior aluminum alloy,stable and durable, smaller footprint,only takes 1 second to lock the tripod,easy to use.We are equipped with 1 phone holders, the largest phone holder can be stretched to 3.3″,suitable for all kinds of cell phones.

Best Gifts & Wide Applicability : The ring light with stand and phone holder suitable for makeup,photography,painting,dancing,taking pictures,live stream or acting as fill light,floor lamp,zoom light.The top screw thread of the tripod is 1/4”,can be used as a camera tripod

USB Powered & Bluetooth Camera Remote: Ring light with stand needs USB port for power supply,can be used with devices that support USB ports,such as computer,laptop,power bank,USB charger. The halo light ring with stand comes with bluetooth camera remote control,you can take pictures or video from a distance,compatible with iOS and Android.We provide 6 months free after-sale replacement service,if you have any questions, please contact us.

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Product Description

Weilisi Ring Light Integrated RGB Module

rgb ring light

Extraordinary that One is All

Why you need ring light?

  • Easy create your fabulous color’s code, while highlighting the eyes and minimizing blemishes.
  • If you’re looking to create very even and consistent lighting on your subject with little to no shadows, a ring light is the perfect tool for the job.
  • It adds a gloria to the eyes when shooting portrait and gives literal starry eyes and just lights up any face.

ring light with stand and phone holder

Dimmest to Brightest or Color Combo, All in One Hand Control, Change Your Attractive Attribute

  • Customizable light modes,
  • The smooth transformation from 2700k to 6300k perfectly simulates the color temperature in different time periods from sunrise to sunset,
  • Different color temperatures of infinite dimming meet your needs at different times of the day.

video lightOnly

One Light From All Aspects of Scene

  • The daily grind just got easier and more enjoyable thanks to Weilisi RGB ring light.

phone rgb ring lightRGB

Mode Ring Light for Your Photograph or Video Kit

  • Weilisi RGB ring light needs USB port for power supply, work better with 5V=2A adapter.
  • From brightest to the most dim,
  • Combo red and green or others,
  • Nine color light source simulate 35 special effects,
  • RGB ring light with tripod stand looks like perfectly make for Tik tok, Yotube, instagram video, portrait or macro photography ,Participate in creative music video production.

phone stand for recording

Expanding the Ability to be Versatile

  • Weilisi ring light will create a pleasing circular catch light rather than an unnatural shape,
  • That arc-shape diffusion will soften the light so extremely useful, with the 67 inch tripod stand can adjust the angle,
  • For photography when shooting small or take portraits meet your need any height.

selfie ring lightWide

Compatibility and Remote Control

  • Eeay link iOS and Android phones, accessible remote control distance up to 33ft,
  • The gooseneck tube with phone clip can widely matching smartphones of various sizes.

ring lights

10 reviews for 10″ Ring Light with Stand 72” Tall & Phone Holder,38 Color Modes

  1. Christopher James Smith

    I am very happy with the product and the speed of service to have shipped thank you so much

  2. Kee Ross

    I like it good for the cost

  3. Tiffany

    I love the tallness and the easy assembly worth the money

  4. Holly

    East to set up and use. Has all the features I could want! Love that it’s adjustable height goes to over six feet tall and all the way down to two feet!

  5. Robert Bowman

    Bought for my girlfriend, works great for her tiktoks.

  6. ColoradoTech

    I was overjoyed at the value of this kit. It came with many more accessories than I expected. They were probably listed in the description but I was really only concerned about the ring light and stand with phone holder. However, this came with multiple stands and accessories so is definitely worth what you pay for. The light has many different modes. You can vary the level of brightness quite easily and I love all of the different color choices and patterns. Some of them are actually in motion. Beyond just being a ring light it also makes a great mood light when you’re looking for some creativity. Another feature is the Bluetooth shutter control button. I hooked to my iPhone no problem and I am now able to snap photos from a distance without actually touching my iPhone!

  7. Dawn K

    Purchased this ring light specifically to be able to be in photos and videos with my baby girl, considering my fiancé is at work almost all of the time & time is zooming on by! (first daughter/child, 6 months old.) This is absolutely perfect! It is so extremely customizable without being intimidating, and the Bluetooth shutter remote is so easy to use! Also, the color mode is like a light party for my baby, and she loves it. Not sure that it serves a photographic purpose yet, but everything else more than makes up for it! Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a ring light.

  8. Sarah Johnson

    I love this ring light so much I haven’t even used it yet it works perfectly ✨️

  9. MasterOshawott

    I got the 12.6” version as a main light for video recording and I am really happy with the product! My mom enjoyed playing with the RBG color modes and I’m happy with how the natural light settings work for my small recording studio.Product also comes with a very light weight floor stand that is perfect for travel. Also came with a mini Bluetooth remote that can connect to my phone to take pictures remotely which is a very handy tool in itself.My one complaint is when I dim the light the LEDs make a high pitched hissing sound that gets slight louder the lower you dim the light. My mom claims she can’t hear a thing, though I do notice the hum is slightly picked up when I’m filming video.The sound is non existent on maximum brightness, and I’m fairly certain it’s a defect with the LEDs. I have seen other reviews complaining about this hum so I’d recommend contacting customer support if yours has the same issue.Overall I am very happy with this simple product and find it useful. It’s not a high end light by any means, though it’s a perfect little ring light for a budget studio.

  10. Anneke

    This is perfect. I film most every day or am in some sort of camera session. Sometimes the natural lighting just isn’t flattering. Or it isn’t enough. This light makes it much easier to adjust like values and have some fun variety.

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