4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan for PUBG/Call of Duty/Fortnite [6 Finger Operation]

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The 4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller Comes with:

SIX-FINGERS OPERATION support define the button as you like, With this game controller, you can play games with 6 fingers aim, shoot, move left and right at the same time. (open backpack, aim, jump, right probe, left probe, fall down, replace bomb, shoot), operation will be more smooth and accurate.

SILENT COOLING FAN – This mobile game controller for PUBG is equipped with cooling fan, it can avoid phone overheat when playing games, protects the phone’s battery by keeping the phone cool.

CHARGING & PLAYING – This YOBWIN 6 finger game triggers is designed with charging port on two side of the handle, You can charge your phone while playing mobile game. Mobile game trigger handle is ergonomically shape and fits perfectly on the hand, making it easy to hold even when used for long periods of time without fatigue.

ADJUSTABLE BRACKET – The phone triggers has a multi-angle adjustable stand, it can be used as phone holder to watch movies or video. This mobile controller perfect with 4.7-6.5 inch smart phone game controller. SUPPORT – Compatiple for Fortnite/PUBG/ Call of Duty Mobile/ Knives Out/ Rules of Survival/ Survivor Royale/ Battle Royale/Critical Ops, etc. Shooting games gamepads.

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Product Description

Mobile Game Controller

Support all 4.5-6.5 inches iOS and Android models.

The latest upgraded One-piece Design mobile game controller is designed for PUβG, Fotnite, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, and many more games. YOBWIN phone controller can easily improve your in-game reaction times and help you to dominate the game.

mobile controller

phone controller

pubg mobile controller

High Sensitivity

Capacitive Conductive Silicone Gel Spot/Return Shot, Easy to Control, Gun Shot Head

Silent Cooling Fan

Avoiding phone overheat when playing games, Protects the phone’s battery by keeping the phone cool.

Multi-angle Adjustable Stand

It can be used as phone holder to watch movies or video.


game controller

6-Finger Operation

  • Play mobile games with 6 fingers, define the button as you like and quickly upgrade your skills!
  • Bid farewell to finger numbness, shoot while moving and quickly improve your skills, improve your operational response and reduce embarrassment.


phone triggers

game controller for android

Two Reserved Charging Ports

The charging port on two side of the handle support charge your phone while playing mobile game.

180° Flip Touch Head

The game trigger can be flipped up by 180° for you set up the games and operate the screen freely.

How to use:

  1. Start the game and click Settings – Control – Customize.
  2. Move the AIM to the upper left corner.
  3. Move the Fire button to the top right corner. [You can adjust these according to your own habits.
  4. Adjust the shooting and target buttons under the touchpad of the mobile game controller.
  5. Save your settings.

10 reviews for 4 Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan for PUBG/Call of Duty/Fortnite [6 Finger Operation]

  1. S. W.

    Even though seller mentioned this controller should be used without a case, I find that in this day and age, demanding that a customer remove their case to use an accessory is not reasonable. Besides, all phones have different thicknesses, if they claim to support different phones, then why not with cases (with reasonable thickness).Defiantly I tested this with my iPhone 11 Max Pro with a Nomad leather case. I LOVE IT. With of the Nomad case is 16.3cm. The seller was answering someone else that the max width was 16.5cm. So if you have a case shorter than 16.5cm, try it!General comments for use without case- the most important point for me is the levers are anchored to the side of the bars that hold the side of the phone. This means whenever I install my phone (landscape) on the controller, the levers are always in the same place with respect to the left and right short sides of my phone. This means I’m always confident the levers will be able to tap my on-screen buttons. Compare this with other controllers (AK-66, Memo) that clasp the top and bottom long sides of my phone, my phone was able to slide a little too much to the left and right and I had to always adjust either the phone placement or the on-screen buttons before I play. With this controller, set it up and go! I don’t have to worry. I know this will just work.- this build quality is really good. The plastic is a matte finish (which is the same as my case btw), and this thing doesn’t rattle with you fiddle with the 4 trigger levers. I’m comparing with AK-66, a competitor one that is noisy as heck.For use with a case- shorter reach with levers. Using a case means my screen is somewhat elevated, and my screen is now nearer to the levers. There is a shorter (read:faster) reach for the lever to tap on my screen.- side clamps don’t each into my case. Fits really nicely.- the whole feel is really solid and feels really good.Other comments- because I use a case, the lightning port sits a little too high for a charging cable to reach. It’s a downside I’m willing to live with.- I won’t be able to use the fan, but I know I don’t have to use the fan with a case, and I don’t intend to.

  2. DCDA

    I seen people talking bad about this controller’s fan, but it keeps my phone cool. Without it my phone was crazy hot. I’ve seen ppl upgraded the fan on their controller, I say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  3. Michael G. Fuller Jr.

    I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to mobile controllers and this one has fared well since I received it. Overall I’m satisfied with it and compared to my previous Frankenstein creations, having a single unit with grip and pad is nice since the triggers won’t slide. And also it’s pretty simple to take a screen shot or access menus, since you can slide your phone down. For my iPhone X it has worked well. Now I do turn on the fan, but I’m unsure if it’s really helping, and it introduces vibrations into my gyro aim. I would say, if you want better mobile controls, this is not a bad choice. But I’m still unsure the best way to carry it around, since it isn’t very compact.Update, one draw back, recently while playing I’ve noticed the phone slipping, like the right side falls a bit, it is simple to fix, just push it back up, but in a firefight not realizing your fire button isn’t connecting can ruin a great match of Fortnite.Update 2: I made some adjustments with some Velcro strips around my office. Basically I added layers of Velcro so it can hold the phone up from the bottom. Taking out the phone is a bit more difficult, but I’m no longer worried about slippage and really enjoying all the wins. Now I’m up to 100 solo victories for a single season.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a well built, easy to use solution for mobile gaming. I am impressed with the build quality. I haven’t tried the fan yet but that’s not why I bought it anyways.

  5. James Tyson

    Edit #3: almost 2 years later and this thing is going strong! Highly recommend this.Edit: The bottom portion is my original review. This edit is a follow up on their excellent customer service. Since I’ve had this controller for almost 5 months, I’ve lost most of the rubber tips. I’ve tried super gluing the few extras I had left, but if you put to much glue, it messes with the sensitivity touch on the screen, so I was one short. Upon request, they sent me another whole set of tips. Email replies were prompt and courteous as well. Highly recommend this vendor.Excellent controller for your phone. I use a Note 10+ with a slim basic case and it fits great. Any csse bigger will not work. Fan comes in handy but only moderately cool the phone, but is none the less effective.The rubber bumpers on the triggers can come of easy so be aware of that. This does comes with extras in case you lose some. I’m going to contact the seller about more because I only have two left for spares.All in all, this is a good buy.

  6. Mandafonyan

    Pretty cool device however due to User error I can’t figure out why in call of duty mobile the shooting button disappears, across all three modes in game I could aim down the sites but not shoot.I’m looking up on the menus and I’m making sure the hide shooting button is NOT checkmarked and why would that even be an option to hide, I’m also going through other settings to see if it is on automatic shoot and I find out that it’s not so I wonder why after I aim down sites using this device the shooting button isn’t there i’m also going through other settings to see if it is on automatic shoot and I find out that it’s not. However If I reset the Hud display then the shooting button is there but the shooting button is back down and away from this device’s reach, I’m wondering if it detects that I have a device. That would be very difficult I’m sure because it’s still using the touch display and not a Bluetooth controller. Whatever it is either way it’s frustrating not getting it to show the shooting button other than that this device is Amazing.

  7. Taka

    5-stars for seller and funtion of controller.But the design needs some improvements to hold up. This could be a great product but as-is it has a major design flaw that makes the product very short lived bc of breaking.The sides that hold tension onto the phone are needlessly asymmetrical. The lower section has plenty of support, however the upper side is made up of less than a 1/4″ of material! Once broken it torques the phone which moves the screen out of position for the leavers to tap the correct spot on the screen.Unfortunately it took longer than 30-days to break so am now left with a piece of useless junk. That’s not the sellers fault, it’s a design flaw in the products ability to remain usesful.Note, tried to fix with epoxy but didn’t hold.Too bad, it could be a great product if this flaw were corrected.

  8. Damien Baker

    This thing is tough. Like actually tough. I’ve had this since October 2021 and I’ve had no issues with it even the springs still worked and same for the battery if you keep it plugged in when it’s turned on the power goes up more. The only thing I wish they had from the seller were replacement touch pads for the triggers. But besides that this thing has held up surprisingly well and I am very impressed by it will be continuing to purchase from buyer if it ever breaks which I doubt.

  9. c’est la vie??

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     This YOBWIN 4 trigger mobile game controller is very cool, made of high quality material, ergonomic design, very durable, flexible, very precise, also is very comfortable to hold and easy to control, compact and portable.You can use this mobile game controller with android or iphones, is like the size of a ps4 game controller, the cooling fan in the back is a really good feature since helps that the phone battery don’t overhead while playing.Since is attached to the mobile phone is less chance to damage and prevents phone from slipping. It fits any phone from 4.5” to 6.5”.If you are not playing you can used to hold your phone to watch movies or videos since it has an adjustable stand in the back, it also has charging port on both sides of the handle, to charge your phone while you playMy son really likes this control pad, it made playing mobile games easier and more relaxing, highly recommended

  10. Nicole

    I had doubts about this thing bc I’ve never used one but I saw so many people on the cod mobile Facebook page say they use one of these and I had to try it out for myself! Well I’m so glad I did bc it makes game play so much easier and alot more fun! I just used my two thumbs before which was ok and I tried to use a controller but it made my game lag big time, I only play cod mobile on my phone and this thing is awesome and I’m sure it would be great for other games as well! It also has a fan on the back incase your phone gets hot while playing but I haven’t used it bc my phone never gets hot but I’m sure it works great too.

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