Ergonomic Computer Arm Rest for Desk

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This Ergonomic Computer Arm Rest for Desk support is suitable for desktop up to 1.9″(5cm) thick, convenient to use from home to office, desk to chair.

Surface Made of ABS material with padded memory foam, comfortable and durable, minimizes your wrist and shoulder strain.

This computer armrest reduces arm pressure and eliminates the muscles tension in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Ergonomic human engineering design, fully 180° rotating, you can choose the most comfortable angle for yourself, protect wrist commendably.

Easy to install without assembly. Size: 11.4″*5.5″*0.8″, weight: 0.55lb. 2 packs will relax your arms, shoulders better.

About this item Ergonomic Computer Arm Rest for Desk

Ergonomic Design: fully 180° rotating, you can choose the most comfortable angle for yourself, correct sitting posture and protect your wrist, prevent nearsightedness and cervical spondylosis, improve working conditions.

Desk Extension: The computer arm rest provides extra area to support your arm. It is comfortable to rest your arm for typing and relieve stress on your wrists and shoulders. It can increase the use of space on your desktop, you can place more important work materials, screen setups and decorations on your desktop.

Great for Your Health: The armrest extender is perfect for supporting arm weight. Relieve strain and pain in eyes, shoulders, wrists, and neck caused by prolonged computer use. Ideal for office workers, designers, programmers, etc.

Easy to Install: The armrests are very lightweight and easy to assembly. Screw the arm rest to your desk (up to 1.96″ thickness) with a hand. They feature padding that protects the desk surface from scratches. It can be easily rotated and placed in a briefcase or computer bag.

Multi Use: The arm rest support works with both monitor and laptop setups on regular and standing desk workstations. It is a good choice for Home & Office Work or Home Gaming.

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Product Description



Computer Arm Rest





1. Install the buckle to the Pad

2. Screw in the buckle

3. Put the pad on the table

4. You can work comfortably now



10 reviews for Ergonomic Computer Arm Rest for Desk

  1. Kenneth Stiger

    I had to order a second pair of arm rests in order to reach the level of my desktop. These arm rests along with the Mouse Arm Extension provide the ergonomic support that I was looking for. After a sort time, the pain I was having in my right arm started to abate. However, periodicaly I have to readjust the arm rests because thy do move no matter how secure they are tightened. I assume it’s because I needed two arests to reach the desired height in sted of one.

  2. Buckeye3313

    Quite literally a game changer. Are they plastic? Sure. However, unless you intend on putting something other than your forearms on them, they’re perfectly fine. Don’t think they’d hold a keg of beer or anything, but for the purpose they’re intended for, they’re exactly what I was looking for!!! So much more comfortable gaming and typing in general now.

  3. Sally November

    I was surprised at how sturdy this turned out to be. Bought it to use on a wheeling mobile desk I use in my living room. Initially I bought it as an alternative to buying an additional laptop tray/extender for my desk. Those are really expensive. I thought if my arm was propped up it would be more ergonomic. It’s comfortable that way and quite sturdy. For fun I tried to attach it parallel to my desk to see how that would work and it works brilliantly. I sit my keyboard on it and have my much cheaper laptop tray now. Might buy another for the intended mouse use now. Really enjoy this option. Side note, my keyboard is on the smaller side so may be different for different brands but I’m thrilled with it.

  4. Dezaree

    Keeps my wrist completely off the desk!

  5. Jessica Fraga

    This has helped tremendously with my carpal tunnel. Super easy to set up, ergonomic, comfortable and affordable.

  6. MsLAL1

    Thank God i work from home now & i needed to add to my work desk at home since i sit for long hours working daily. There was so much strain on my right arm & hand initially & I’d feel pain. But now its waaaay more comfortable for me. Next on my list will be getting a whole new desk. But get this for arm rest extension… It works & id durable thus far!

  7. M Petey

    Bought this for my wife, who works from home at a desk all day and was having some shoulder pain on her “mouse side”. She was a little unsure of it at first, but having now used it for a few weeks she is very happy with it and says it has made a difference. Easy installation, doesnt seem in the way or inconvenient based on where it had to be placed (she sits at the 90° bend of a corner desk). Would buy again.

  8. Pand4n3rd

    I recently had shoulder trouble from being on my computer for long periods of time. This purchase was a great one. I’m able to support my arm while not straining my arm not should. The only thing I wish is that it was a bit more cushion since I feel the cushioning on it now might wear down quick. Still I believe it is a good purchase.

  9. Walda Belliard

    I can feel the difference in my arm, hand and mainly the elbow.

  10. Christine

    Since we’ve all been trapped home due to the pandemic, I’ve been working from home from my computer desk. The downside is that my existing build and monitor is here so that doesn’t leave much real estate for my work laptop and my arms to fit comfortably on the remaining desk space.I should also mention that my desk chair, the Herman Miller Mirra 2 doesn’t help with this arm rest issue. If you never sat in this chair, the arm rests don’t make sense while working, they’re just way too low for any normal person to rest them unless you just sit like a zombie with your arms down all day not doing anything… really, I wish I were kidding.So I had a few options as my carpal tunnel was starting to act up. Either create some kind of make shift foam risers to add to my current arm rests, or buy some kind of extender for the desk that can adjust however I needed it to. While I planned to do the first one, the extender option would take a lot less time than anything else, so I looked around, and bit the bullet on this one as it had the most reviews.Honestly, since I purchased this, this has been the best investment in my arms in a very long time. It adds just the right amount of support without moving around too much or anything of that nature and the fact that it can swivel to however you need it to at any given moment is a perk.I use this mostly for my right arm for extra support while using my mouse, but next amazon order I’m doing, I’m buying one more for my left arm so they’re both comfortable while working, gaming, or just relaxing!!Just in case anyone needs specs: I’m using this on a Turquoise Origami Desk and a gaming mat. Since my desk is mostly some kind of textured plastic on the outside, I don’t think the screw mechanism would damage it, but if you have a wooden desk, definitely add additional felt. (You can buy a cheap sheet of felt from Micheals to prevent any scratches or damages!)Pro:- Reduced my arm fatigue- Makes working, gaming, leisure much more comfortable- Adjustable over and over again for angle and placement- Great to add to almost any desk that you need additional support- Adds additional support to your elbows- If you’re wearing a arm brace, this also helps keep your arm straight.Con:- I did notice some skin irritation for the first week I used it, so definitely wipe it down and wear some long sleeves until you get used to the texture (to be fair, my skin is sensitive)- The covering over the foam can start to rise up if you rub against it a lot so keep that in mind. A bit of glue should help that if anything.- I’m just worried for longevity in the future if someone else isn’t careful with it as the parts are all plastic.Overall 10/10, I’d buy again (which I will be soon), and I’d recommend to anyone else if they needed it!

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