Galaxy, Star Projector Night Light with Voice Control

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【3-in-1 Star Galaxy Projector Light】 The latest and most unique star projector, which perfectly combines stars, wave and nebula. The colored clouds alternately rotate and project high-resolution stars. The clouds float like ocean waves quietly under the night , allowing you to experience different and interesting starry nights. It can stimulate children’s interest in astronomy. It helps children inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

【Music Player and USB Player】Built-in mini Bluetooth 5.2, the starry sky projector night light can be used with smartphones via Bluetooth, and it also has a USB slot option. Not only a nebula projector, but also a music player. Enjoy the fantastic starry while listening to music. The lights flicker with the rhythm of the music, producing a richer starry projection effect! Listen to your favorite music, relax and practice yoga, fitness and meditation to reduce work fatigue.

【Music-Activated Lamp & Kid Sleep Aid Night Light】 This kid night light has a romantic and fantastic starry and water wave projection effect and also a sound-activated design, flash with the music or your voice, creating a relaxed, romantic, colorful space projection atmosphere, dance with the star projector. Great to help you relax your body, gentle water waves can guide you to sleep well; Dream of stars and wave projection can make fun for children, accompany children to sleep.

【Humanized Operation and Sound Control】 It can be operated not only through the buttons of the Galaxy projector itself, but also through the remote control, without complicated operations. The latest sound control flashing mode, which means that as long as there is music, clapping or other rhythms, the lights will flash according to the rhythm of the music, freely turn on/off the lights, change the light mode and music songs, and easily set the atmosphere.

【Multi-Function Design Light Projector】 This starry projector light tweight size, convenient to carry, everywhere can bring a romantic star night for lovers. Joy night light for a kid, enjoy dining under the stars, create a relaxing spa environment, rendering game room light, you can use this planetarium projector for homeroom/wedding/birthday/festival/christmas/decorative lights. So this means you don’t need to buy many lamps, saving you money.

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10 reviews for Galaxy, Star Projector Night Light with Voice Control

  1. LaShondra Brown-Dixon

    I purchased this for my son’s room. He absolutely loves it & ask if the different options he has. He also plugged it into his car which changed the whole vibe. I will have to order another soon for my other son.

  2. Mia Serra

    I got this for my younger brother and he loved it it’s super easy to use and it can also be used as a speaker.

  3. Brian

    I’ve purchased similar products over the last year for my nephews, and was always disappointed by how small of an area on the ceiling they would cover. Not this one! Full range, love it.

  4. Casey Mayo

    Love it!! So pretty at night. Great for my kids room.

  5. Nat Clark

    We got rid of the LED light strips as they can be difficult to deal with, and purchased this item. Very happy with the change!

  6. Michael Baribeau

    Starts up as soon as you plug it in but I found the you tube tutorial Lumary Smart Galaxy Projector Light by QuickTipsTo helpful in using it right. The moving color clouds or ocean effect is very good. It only uses a short usb cord about 3 feet long for power so you can plug into your pc but if you want to use a standard outlet just get a usb adapter. The ‘stars’ are more like non moving disco laser points in a repeating pattern but pretty and they can fade in and out which is good. We got it for some atmosphere while gaming and does great! It’s about the size of a coffee pot, sturdy, and light weight. It projects not in a full 180 degree horizon to horizon but it is in a very wide cone (look at Amazon example pictures when it’s near a wall) and if on your desk keyboard level, close to you, and you’re sitting up straight it will glow in your eyes but is a very soft glow and easily ignored. I liked that the speaker can use your smart phone’s music app/site but it’s small, has no dynamics, and is more for a little quiet background mood or for sleeping. The lights make a very faint buzz sound, if sleeping with it on it wouldn’t bother me but someone else might want to have it play soft music or just not put it by your head. The projector can pulse/flicker with the music but it’s more like a cloud strobe effect and is annoying with the little speaker but can also pulse to an outside speaker source which if loud enough might be a good mix, otherwise with one button you can turn off the strobe effect on the unit its self, the remote, or the smart phone.

  7. RENEE

    This light is a very affordable option to the more expensive ones. I really like this one so much! Very soothing. I have bad anxiety and i find that this helps me feel calm at night so i can relax and sleep. The app is super easy to use and is fun to create your own colors, speed and star brightness. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a galaxy light!

  8. Erin Shannon

    It’s Deff worth the money! I love the settings and how you can adjust the brightness to it.

  9. Felicity

    would absolutely purchase again. Now I want one in every room of my house. Its calming and relaxing. I haven’t used the blue tooth portion though.

  10. Angelica Martin

    Remote does not work unless u have it directly pointing at it and u can’t be to far from it at all. The lights are bright but the different setting are not even worth mentioning

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