JBL Clip4 Portable Speaker with Waterproof and Dustproof Feature

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JBL Pro Sound delivers surprisingly rich audio and punchy bass from Clip 4’s compact size.

JBL Clip 4’s ultra-portable design goes great with the latest styles, and its colorful fabrics and expressive details make it look as great as it sounds.

With the JBL Clip 4’s redesigned carabiner that’s integrated into the speaker itself for extra protection, you can clip it on and go explore the world.

Wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The JBL Clip 4 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.

Power source type: Battery Powered

Included components: JBL Clip 4, Type C USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Safety Sheet

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JBL CLIP4 BT Speaker with Carabiner

Rich JBL Original Pro Sound

JBL Pro Sound delivers surprisingly rich audio and punchy bass from Clip 4’s compact size.




JBL CLIP4 BT Speaker with Carabiner

IP67 waterproof and dustproof

To the pool. To the park. JBL Clip 4 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere





JBL CLIP4 BT Speaker with Carabiner

Bold style and ultra-portable design

JBL Clip 4’s ultra-portable design goes great with the latest styles, and its colorful fabrics and expressive details make it look as great as it sounds




JBL CLIP4 BT Speaker with Carabiner

Upgraded integrated carabiner

With a redesigned carabiner that’s integrated into the speaker itself for extra protection, take your JBL Clip 4 anywhere and everywhere. Just clip on on a belt, strap, or buckle and go explore the world


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10 reviews for JBL Clip4 Portable Speaker with Waterproof and Dustproof Feature

  1. Jac31

    I initially ordered the JBL Clip 3, which is the older model, but unfortunately, it didn’t work, so I returned it. I had wanted to save some money by just getting the Clip 3. After that experience, I decided to go ahead and look at the JBL Clip 4, while most were listed at around $79, discovered that the blue one was only $49, which is just a bit more expensive than the Clip 3. So glad I got the Clip 4, it’s perfect. I wanted it for travel, compact size packs a lot of good sound quality into a small speaker. Easy setup, charged out of the box, connected immediately to my phone. Found a nice zip up case for it on Amazon which I’ll use to store and protect it.

  2. Generic Earthling

    We wanted something to take on the boat and this works great. It can latch on to many locations on the boat with the carabiner. The carabiner does not feel super durable, but I think it will last. We have not gotten it wet, but it has been splashed with both saltwater and freshwater (shower). It does have a nice bass in it. I do love how fast the bluetooth connects (iphone). Love the multi-colored design. All the graphics are rubberized texture to keep it from sliding banging around when on the boat. Happy Purchase!

  3. Amazon Customer

    The sound quality and projection is impressive for such a small speaker. I love that I can clip it to my bag at the beach, to a cabinet when I’m cleaning, or to the umbrella on my outdoor table to keep it out of the way of food and drinks. It isn’t the speaker you want if you’re trying to fill your whole house with music for a large party, but it will definitely carry sound throughout an open kitchen/dining/living room.

  4. Alicia Pena

    I found out about JBL speakers from some roommates when I lived in Oakland, California. They had this large, portable device about the size of a small handheld drum. It BLASTED their tunes! Excellent sound quality! They’d take it with them as they’d walk around or play it as they worked. I asked them what kind of speaker it is (because it sounded so good and could get so loud for such a small speaker) and they said it was a JBL.I decided to try one out – but on a smaller scale. I looked and found this clip version. Perfect for clipping onto your backpack as you ride bike and for playing tunes- wherever you are and around the house. So clever!!! And such great sound for such a little thing!I got a call that my Grandmother had fallen and broken a hip in Minnesota, so I flew down there to help out as she healed up.At the time, I tried out your clip 3. It was the latest that was out. Magnificent!I’d take my 92 year old Grandmother out for walks in her wheelchair (as she healed up) and I’d let her pick out what music she wanted to jam to on the walk and she’d get so excited! I’d clip the clip 3 on my backpack as we walked along and she would sing along to the music she picked out and wave to all the neighbors as we went by. It was so much fun!!!!We Have your company to thank for that! (Thank you!) She healed up and is feeling good now. ???I’d also bring the clip outside when I’d visit my Pup, Cats and pet chickens (who are family members) and I’d play music for the little ones in the yard as I did chores around the place. They loved it too! So did I!My pet Chickens really love Punk Rock Music and Mantras from India. ♥️♥️♥️Low and behold, the clip 4 came out.This time I got it in pink (the clip 3 was a beauuutiful teal color).Love it!!! It’s a tad bit smaller than the clip 3 and boy does it pack a punch!!! You can really blast the tunes with that little thing!!! Even more so than the 3- which is amazing!Reminds me a bit of those petite singers that are five foot two and little and then they go on stage and belt it out and they blow you away with the volume and range of their singing.The JBL clips has a VOICE! I tell ya!I suggest JBL speakers of ALL KINDS to anyone looking for a great speaker.The protective cases you can get on the side for under ten dollars are very recommended. It’s a hard shell and it really protects your speakers when not in use.I’m saving up for one of those drum sized JBL speakers that you can carry with you.If you have a car and by chance your speakers don’t work- these will do the trick too!Just multiple uses.Such excellent speakers across the board no matter what style.Thank you for making them in pretty colors like pink and teal and red too!Recommended to all!These little speakers have brought so much joy to me and my family – human family and fur and feather family.It was really healing for my Grandma to go on walks with these speakers. She got really sad and depressed during the healing process. Sometimes she would cry because… it just sucks to not feel good.After I got that clip speaker and she she could pick out music for her walks, she was smiling ear to ear and waving at everyone as we went by and singing along to songs. She looked forward to the walk every day and still mentions them.I should bust out the clip 4 and take her on some more walks when I visit Minnesota again and when it’s not 30 below zero!Anyways- thank you for that.Your speakers ROCK!Much love!

  5. Hannah Music

    I got this on the holiday sale so I got it for fifty bucks. I’m not big into Bluetooth speakers unless it’s one that stays put on a shelf or something because I just usually lose them or lose the charger, but I love this so much. I clip it onto everything. My bag, the handle inside my shower door while I shower, on the little gate my kids play in outside.The sound quality is PHENOMENAL for the size of this speaker. Super easy to pair. Waterproof. Portable. Cute colors. There’s a quick start guide, which takes roughly 20 seconds.I can see how the little grippy rubber lines can peel off the back like shown in other reviews. It’s not happening to mine because I’ve been careful, but I can tell they’d easily come off if I even just messed with them a little.Another thing I like that maybe other people wouldn’t care about is that the usb part of the charger says “jbl” so you won’t end up getting it thrown with other chargers and never knowing what it is.I wouldn’t have initially paid a hundred bucks for this because I’m not usually a portable speaker person, but after having this, I would pay a hundred bucks for it after knowing how much I use it.

  6. Matt Cavin

    It’s a little bigger than I thought it would be but it works perfectly in my shower and to hook onto my bike for rides. The volume gets LOUD yet the sound remains clear and clean. Very good sound quality!! I have only charged it once so far and I’m going on my 3rd week or so of daily use for about 20 minutes each day. It’s exactly what I needed. Construction is solid, it looks good and sounds great. Very pleased with this product and I now understand why it has such a high rating: because it’s WORTH IT!My ONLY complaint is that it doesn’t show the battery percentage on my phone like nearly EVERY other bluetooth device I have. Having said that, it’s not a huge deal. My understanding is that the light next to the power button turns red when the device gets below 20% so there’s plenty of time left after that to charge it.

  7. Jennifer

    Pairing this to my phone was easy. Just turn on and have your phone search for new devices. The device is named JBL in your Bluetooth too so it is easy to find. No crazy numbers and letters combos.Great battery. I use this at arts markets and love that the clip on the top is large enough to let me clip it to my eurmax square frame bars at the top. It’s a snug fit. May not work with octagonal or wider frames. You’re probably looking at a max of 1.25″ in diameter that the top clip can accommodate.Sturdy and held up to light rain and intense humidity without compromising quality of sound or dying.Don’t leave in hot car.You can charge it and use it at the same time, just make sure your charger is fast enough.I use with Spotify app and YouTube regularly with Samsung ultra 20. Also works with crunchyroll and twitch audio. If it plays through your Bluetooth it will work.I love that I can adjust the volume using the buttons on my phone. The speaker has volume buttons on it, but you don’t have to use them. Great for when you want to clip this, let it play, and adjust from anywhere.When I walk away with my phone, it will unpaired. Not sure of the distance. However, it quickly pairs back when I turn the speaker back on. An idle speaker will turn off on its own if it is not detecting audio after about 5 minutes.Long lasting battery. Survives 6+ hours every Saturday.Would not recommend clipping this to a speedboat or vehicle that’s moving. It’s tough, but not that tough.Fantastic product. Will probably buy more of them for friends and fam.

  8. Winter Sunshine

    Bought this for my daughter for her birthday. She loved it. Portable. Clips right onto her backpack. Easy to use. Sound is really good for the size. Very happy with purchase. PS I wish I would have bought one for myself. Might still need to do that.

  9. Clarissa T.

    I use this speaker daily; getting ready, cooking breakfast, at the park, at the beach, etc.I was surprised at how long it can hold a charge. I bought it for my birthday party and it was able to play music for six hours that day and then able to play an additional six hours the next day. I don’t know if that has to do with volume or what but I am happy. I looked through a lot of different little speakers like this one before I bit the bullet. I am happy with my choice.

  10. Stephen R.

    I have a UE Boom that take on vacations, tailgating and golfing that was perfect when I did not care about the size of the speaker. However, I wanted a very small speaker to clip on my paddle board this summer to listen to tunes while I was paddling and took a chance on this JBL. So far it has been great! It was small, loud, clear, water-proof and easy to setup and use. While my UE Boom has slightly better sound quality, this is a perfect alternative now when I want a smaller over all speaker. Highly recommend!!!

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