MOMO 6 Finger Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan

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MOMO 6 Finger Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan.

Gamepad for Shooter Sensitive Aim Trigger for Android and iOS for Knives Out/Rules of Survival Video Games

[Special Design] This game controller combines gamepads, L2R2 game triggers and cooling fans to enhance your game pleasure and enjoy the game. [6 Finger Triggers] This new mobile game controller has two triggers on each side. With this game controller, you can play games with 6 fingers, bid farewell to finger numbness, shoot while moving, quickly improve skills, improve operational response, and reduce embarrassment.
[Cooling Fan] The built-in cooling fan of the game controller can protects the phone’s battery by keeping the phone cool. You don’t have to worry about your phone getting hot during the game. (Connect the USB charging cable to turn on the fan )
[Easy Operation] The firepower and aiming buttons of the mobile game trigger are precise and sensitive, easy to use, and can be installed without tools or drivers in a few seconds. Simply set the shooting and target buttons under the touchpad on the Customize page, save the settings and start the game and you will be the winner of the game.
[Compatible] This game controller is available for all models of 4.7-6.5 inch iPhone / Android phones. Suitable for a variety of shooting games, including PUBG Mobile, survival rules, survivors royal, important actions, etc.

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MOMO 6 Finger Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan.

Gamepad for Shooter Sensitive Aim Trigger for Android and iOS for Knives Out/Rules of Survival Video Games


1. Play mobile games with 6 fingers, bid farewell to finger numbness, shoot while moving, and quickly improve your skills, improve your operational response and reduce embarrassment.

2. Charging, taking pictures, and listening to the songs are completely unobstructed.

3. The ergonomic handle can be stretched up and down.

4. Support all iPhone and Android models.

5. It will keep the phone cool by opening the cooling fan and prolonging the service life of the phone and battery.

How to use:

1. Start the game and click Settings – Control – Customize.

2. Move the AIM to the upper left corner.

3. Move the Fire button to the top right corner. [You can adjust these according to your own habits. ]

4. Adjust the shooting and target buttons under the touchpad of the mobile game controller.

5. Save your settings.


1 x Mobile game controller

1 x USB charging cable(Please note: This controller has no battery and must be charged to turn on the fan. )

Warranty: If this mobile game controller does not improve your gaming experience or has any quality issues, please contact us by email or contact page and we will replace any defective products for our customers.

10 reviews for MOMO 6 Finger Trigger Mobile Game Controller with Cooling Fan

  1. Captain unicorn dragon muffins

    Stop thinking about it and just buy it. For first person shooter games it is amazing. You will have an edge on everybody that does not have one. I’m going to buy two more just in case this one breaks for it is just made out of plastic if I could buy one made out of metal I would.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Hello this controller beats any mobile gaming controller out there. 50,000 Stars.My question comes from looking at the pictures I have posted of my controller…. The chrome paint is wearing off from heavy use and oily fingers that I had one day… How should I go about repainting the chrome on the triggers?? What product on Amazon should I buy to restore the chrome? I did m research and I found 2 products that could work but I cant decide so I’d like to ask the community and the owner of this product!! How to repaint the chrome on these rusted triggers???Should I go withA) Acrylic Paint Pump Marker Sharpie Fine Point Metallic Silver Permanent Marker HELP!!! Then I will take this review off thanks!

  3. Keylor

    Amazing product! I bought for my little brother and now his movement is amazing. Overall, product is probably one of the best options out there. It helps you improve very easily and product quality is amaing.

  4. Nick Esenwein

    Yeah!!!! Winner winner chicken dinner! I had previously ordered a controller from another site for $30. It was poorly made and broke easily. This!!! This is where it’s at. The fact it expands down and not out is amazing in its self. 4 triggers is so convenient and the ratio of wins has significantly increased.1 down side: when I have the charger connected it is very cumbersome while holding and trying to operate the top trigger. So I did find a way around that…. I put the game down for a while and let my phone charge.I really like this controller

  5. YeiPi

    Excellent gamepad, I used to play with 2 triggers before so it was easy to get used to this one…

  6. Christian Rodriguez

    Clamps down really nice holding my phone in place. And the handles make it comfortable to hold. The fan is small and I do now know if it does anything really, I can’t tell because my phone hardly heats up. But it seems it requires you to keep it plugged in for it to work which I personally don’t mind. The four triggers also work nicely.

  7. Strider Hiryu

    Since COD Mobile doesn’t allow bluetooth controllers, I needed an alternative. While there’s many 6 (or 4) finger game controllers out there, they seem to be mostly the same. I just bought the cheapest one I could find at the time which was $13. Everything worked fine… all 4 back paddles and 4 sensors. Nice size similar to an Xbox One Controller. Came with a micro usb cable for the fan. While that’s nice, it can’t be plugged into your phone to power it. It needs to have its own power source.

  8. Eduardo Aleman

    As always, the best controller for the money, really comfortable and so much lighter than the one with batteries.

  9. CoRNDoGR6

    Looked at other Bluetooth controllers and 2 button controllers but settled on this 4 button one and I don’t regret it a bit. It has an Xbox One control feel to it so it feels very natural for me. I added grip tape in certain spots to make it feel a bit more solid. This is my second purchase because one of the pads on the tips of my first one came off and got lost. Hopefully that was just a defect and not a design flaw. Thus the 4 star on Material Quality.Although it has a cooling fan, i wish it had a rechargeable battery to keep the fan on instead of having to be connected for it to work. Only gave it a 4 Star on Ergonomic because it’s a bit small for my bigger hands but other than that, this mobile control is highly recommended.

  10. Caitlin D.

    Okay, so I had a really hard time bringing myself to spend the $12 it took to buy this, but boy am I glad I did! I just got it in, and already got a chicken dinner under my belt using this. Its sooo much more comfortable than having to awkwardly hold your phone. It does take some time getting the controls just right, and does feel weird holding it at first. However, once you get used to it, its kinda like using a real controller. The handles could fit in the hand a little bit better, but overall it really is awesome.Trust me when I say this, buy it!

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